Becoming a mom is a wonderful journey. From the first day when you found out to the day when you are about give birth to a cute little baby. In the past days, women were shy to go to a gynecologist because they thought it was shameful and some even thought that this is a taboo but there are still some sects that even think that becoming a gynecologist is a shame as men and women have to see the nakedness of the other human being. But we think that delivering a baby while having it healthy and the mom healthy is a beautiful thing to do and it is a service to humanity as well. And if you are a mom, first of all congrats and hope that you get a beautiful journey ahead, but you should see a gynecologist every now and then because even if you feel fine and dine, still there is a chance that you can have difficulties at the time of the beginning and these things can be only be confirmed by a gynecologist. So, if you feel the following things, then you should consult the best gynecologist in Dubai and the best dental doctor in Ajman:

  1. If you are having painful period cramps then you should def visit the doctor because we all know that women don’t get periods at the time of pregnancy. And if you get bleeding then it is best that you visit it right now and stop searching for answers online. But if you are just having pain of periods for some days and not having them, then you must know that your period cycle is disturbed for the next nine months and the body is still prone to ache so, don’t worry about the pains and consult your doctor to get the safest pill.
  2. If you are having a vaginal odor, then there are two reasons, either you are two lazy to do the drill or either you are having some sort of problem down there. If there is some odor then there is nothing to worry about but if the smell is bad then there must be some kind of infection and it is best to get it checked and treated as soon as possible and don’t delay at all.