Immigration is the process through which people move from one country to another and become permanent residents or citizens of that country. Immigrant comes from Latin word, “migrarewhich means `to move`.

Immigration is considered as a great social, economical and cultural benefit in most parts of the world. The countries with best immigration policies, consider immigration as valuable. In a survey done by Pew Research Centre on 18 countries with the most immigrants each year, majority of people in 10 countries regarded immigrants as an asset instead of a load. This is why people apply for Dominica second passport.

History of Immigration

In the post-World War 2 period, there came a strong wave of immigration. Refugees started moving to United Kingdom and France. Majority of the immigrants were from Asian and African regions around 1950s and 1960s. United Kingdom approved the British Nationality Act which gave the British nationality to a big number of refugees.

Those immigrants played vital roles in the reconstruction of the infrastructure in Europe after the war. They worked for low wages despite being qualified and skilled. Regardless of their role in Europe’s economy, they faced discrimination and hostility.

Till this day there have been countless changes in immigration strategies all around the world. Modern day immigrants do not have to face discrimination and they mostly get work according to their capabilities.

Benefits of Immigration

The major goal in mind of an immigrant is to improve the life quality and have better employment opportunities. Both of these things prove to be an advantage especially for the immigrant who is migrating from a third world country to a developed country.

If a person is migrating because of the poverty and oppression in their own country, immigration is a great benefit in that case.

Immigration provides a better outlook on the world as one can relate the government, economy and the regulations of both countries.

Hardships of Immigration

The initial problem one faces is of the cost. Immigration requires having enough assets is the first condition. The next challenge is to find work in the host country on the arrival if one does not have a job already. To settle down many immigrants start off with small, residence and low paying jobs which makes that period terrifying for immigrant families. The families have to learn the laws of that country, language, life style and traffic rules.


With all its challenges and benefits, immigration affects each person and country differently and that is the beauty of it.  Apply for your Cyprus passport by investment today!