Right now, there is no doubt that becoming a foreign student is a tough moment. We recognize that these can be extremely tough times for those who are far from home when class interrupts, student residencies are being interrupted, an overwhelmed social structure and a forced self-isolation. In the expectation that international students who are ready to migrate to Canada from Dubai can keep the support services accessible to them informed and navigate, we developed this Guide.

Canada shut its borders on every non-essential voyage as a result of the initial challenge to COVID-19. However, soon afterwards, after the travel limits came into force on 18 March 2021, the Government declared that foreign students with a valid study visa or a study permit were to have access to borders.

Foreign students may also need valid travel papers to enter Canada in addition to their study allowance, such as a temporary resident visa (TRV) or an electronically approved travel authorization (ETA).

You have to have your DLI:

  • Intend to exchange necessary details about health and travel conditions before arrival in Canada with international students
  • Making sure that 14 days after landing in Canada, the students have a quarantine policy
  • Guide students in their quarantine to obtain needs, such as food and medicines
  • Set protocols to protect the welfare of students in cases of COVID-19 in the DLI

If all conditions are satisfied and permission gained, foreign students are advised not to prepare.

Outside Canada Flying

The Government of Canada advises that people not fly outside the country for important purposes.

International students who want to go back home can do so, but should investigate whether they can join their homeland, whether they may re-enter Canada in future, and how this can affect their ability to apply.

All around the nation student residences have been closed down to secure and flatten out the curve of the student population. Any residences may make exceptions or help you find other accommodation for foreign students.

Any hotels book rooms for people who have to separate themselves. In most cases, visitors of the hotel must spend 14 days in the room without entering the hotel lobby or public areas. Outside the door of the room there is food and new linen.

In order to discourage homeowners from evicting renters, the provinces are stepping out laws. Get in touch with the consultants to know the right process about Canada student visa from Dubai.