During the novel pandemic, the norms of studies changed completely, schools, colleagues and even universities started online lectures. Students, teachers and managements could only communicate through online applications and some people were loving it because they do not have to travel to school instead they just sit in front of the computer and attend classes. Staying at home and studying in a more comfortable environment was very enjoying for students but on the other hand it was annoying for the teacher and school administration to handle things properly.

Problems for teachers and school administration

Subjects like chemistry and biology teach practical knowledge to the students as well apart from theory. Hence in the schools, lab sessions were conducted by teachers to educate the students in the right way. In UAE, there was lock down and it was difficult to conduct such classes, so biology teacher in UAE have to convey that knowledge online somehow to make students aware of the thing which they wanted to explain. Many other problems like these were a challenge for the teachers in UAE and all over the world. Especially, the colleague administration and schools have to arrange special chemistry tutor online for the students to make good understanding of the subject.

Still the technology played its role effectively and helped the students to get the ball rolling for them by attending online classes from home. Even for the teachers it was difficult to conduct lectures and pay attention to each student during online classes but still it was the only option for them to keep the work going. For the foreign students, that are living in hostels had to go to their native countries because all the hostels in UAE were closed. In this situation, there are plenty of students who could not give proper time to their studies and had to waste their whole academic year. Several universities that could not arrange the proper plan for teaching online were completely closed and not even the online lectures were conducted.

In this challenging situation, some colleagues and universities also facilitated their students by providing funds and other facilities. Especially the foreigners were provided with the residence when the hostels were closed. Due to the closure of flights and hostels, students that got stuck and have no place left to stay were allotted temporary residence as well.