Prayer Mats – Things to Know

In this article, we will tell you what a prayer mat is, the materials used to make prayer mats and the usage of prayer mats.

What is a prayer mat?

Prayer mat is basically a small carpet that is used for praying by the Muslims all over the world.

What are the materials used to make prayer mats?

Prayer mats are usually made up of cotton but some are even made up of silk. The prayer mats made up of cotton and silk are a bit inexpensive and they are easily accessible. Some of the prayer mats are made up of wool and are woven by hand. Prayer mats made up of wool are quite expensive and because of this they are hardly used.

The prayer mats are getting modernized as they coming with various layers of carpets. Such kind of prayer mats absorbs the weight and lowers the pressure on the body of the person praying.

What are the uses of prayer mats?

Praying mats are used for the following purposes.

  • Prayers: The most important usage of prayer mats is prayers. The prayer mat is laid on the floor in such a way that the prayer mat is in Kaaba’s direction. Once, the person is done offering prayers, he folds the prayer mat and keep it in on a shelf or cupboard, etc. This way the prayer mat can be kept cleaned. If the prayer mat you have is made of cotton then you can easily wash it with hand. Whereas, if you have a prayer mat made up of wool then you have to be careful when washing it.

Prayer mats are not just used for praying. They are used for different purposes discussed below.

  • Business: Prayer mats that are made for productive items could be used for business. There are some wool prayer mats that are knotted by hand and they have elaborated and complex designs. Such type of prayer mats are of great importance.
  • Decorations: Prayer mats can also be used for decorations. There are some prayer mats made up of Persian styles that are ravishing. Some kings were given the Persian styles prayer mats as a bid.

You can give modest clothing dubai to a group of your friends or cousins. Simple, plain prayer mats could be given but as a gift luxury prayer mat should be given as they very soft and comfortable.