Do you want to move to Finland? If yes, then you need to have some basic information about the country and its immigration process!

Finland is a Northern European country that gained independence in 1917. Helsinki is the capital city of the country. Finland is considered as the happiest country in many world rankings and the reason of their being happy is that Finns have an updated education system, strong culture, and best health facilities.

How to Move to Finland

It is not a one-step long process to go and live in Finland for a lifetime. A person has to make a plan that consists of details how you would apply for a visa and other processes. If you want to Finland for a month or two then you need Visa only but if you want to live there for rest of your life, then you need to apply for residency unless you’re a citizen of EU member state like Iceland, Switzerland or Norway etc.

Finnish Immigration Services

There is a detailed website related to Finnish immigration, Finnish Immigration Services (Migri), that provide much-needed information about the immigration process. There are different sections and pages on the site. You have to go to the category of Permits and Citizenship. The page has information about how students could there and families would move there. There are further sections on the page that entails what kind of citizenship you want. “First Residence Permit” is the section for people who are acquiring citizenship for the first time. “Second Residence Permit” or “Third Residence Permit” is for people who want to extend the existing citizenship.

Features of the First Residence Permit

In this section, you will be given details about how to apply for student residency or employment resident or apply to get residence there. Yet, a person cannot for his or her family himself or herself. Every person has to apply themselves for the residence permit. A person needs to have a valid passport and be harmless to apply for a residence permit. 

Visiting the Finnish Embassy

After filling and submitting the forms of First Residence Permit, a person has to go to Finland embassy in his or her current city to prove the identity. The embassy will send you their final decision after some months. The Finnish Immigration Services will decide if you would be permitted to reside in their country. Yet, you have the right to apply again if the embassy would not permit you and if you get a residence permit, then you will get citizenship after five years. Yet, you can stay in their country but you don’t have citizenship.

So, this is the process of applying for immigration in Finland. There are immigration consultants in Kuwait, China all countries around the world. The consultants provide complete guidance Canada immigration and immigration to European states. You have to go to their office to know the process.