If you are a smoker and the one who smoke a vape then you need to make sure that you are smoking safe. Only in this year in 2020 from January to April, there had been more than 70,000 deaths including teenagers and youngsters where when the results came out, it showed that they had been smoking some very filthy and dirty stuff. And when they found out that what they have been smoking, they were shocked to see that their vapes had not been cleaned for so many months. So, if you want to keep smoking and have a good health, then you have to make sure to clean your vape from time to time. 

The first thing you have to clean is the tank, this is the place where all the battery and its things are there. There the substance of battery keeps dripping and falling on the surface and when you suck from the pout, which means that you are sucking some part of the burnt substance as well. You must be wondering that there are filters as well, but we all know that nothing is perfect in this world and when it comes to a thing that is filled with chemicals and that is operated by a chemicalized battery and that keeps burning, why would you even take your chances! So, it is best to clean the tank, even though that it feels like a heck and serious fatigue but it is best for your lungs and most obviously your lungs. Click here for info about pro cig swiss design

Next, you have to clean the coil, this is the smelliest part because all the substance of the battery and the juice has been gushing there for a long period of time and imagine the strong smell of that so, make sure to distance your face or wear a mask before cleaning it and also make sure to let it cool down before cleaning it. Some people burn their finger tips and hands really bad because they instantly clean the coil right after it has been used. The juice is burnt and turned to smoke because of this coil so, imagine how much it must be pipping hot, it is best to wear hand gloves as well.