The process of buying a bullet proof glass is technical. Most of the people want their windows or glasses to be bullet proof but they don’t have knowledge and experience in buying bullet proof glass. The first question that is asked frequently is what the pricing of bullet proof glass is. This totally depends on what is your demand. Glass clad polycarbonate is priced by square foot size. They come with fix price strategy. These bulletproof glass for cars clad polycarbonate is more affordable than other options and materials. The price differs from region to region. Acrylic plastic has totally different pricing. 

The other question is can bullet resistant windows fit into existing frame. The answer is it is not always possible. Because the frame and the material should always be tested for confirmations and security reasons and it also depends on the size of your frame gap. Some people have questions about the visibility of bullet proof glass. So, the answer is polycarbonate is thick and it has some issues regarding visibility. Once rapper Busta Rhymes told the reporters that he had issue in visibility because his car was installed with bullet proof glasses. The best material in bullet proof glass is acrylic if it comes to visibility. Acrylic gives the best clarity and result. There are people with rumors that there is a film which makes the glass bullet proof. Well that’s not true at all.  Bullet proof glasses are not that common for houses and small offices they come with hefty price. Only the elite are affording it nowadays, Middle class persons are not fond of it yet. 

The next question is can a bullet proof glass crack? The answer is yes, these glasses are analyzed and tested properly under every situation. These bullet proof glasses resist with bullets and stop them from penetrating. But if you don’t take care of it with different cleaning products and agents the life of the glass will decrease gradually. They want proper maintenance. They are expensive and they want attention. 

If the glass cracks, is it still bullet proof?  These bullet proof glasses are tested rapidly in every situation. So, if a glass is cracked it totally depend on the glass. To analyze this matter the question arises how much the ballistic integrity is left inside the glass. So, it depends what’s the condition of the glass and how much it was maintained before the crack.