A number of images come to our mind when we think about ceramics or ragno tiles Italy from the best sanitary suppliers in Dubai. Tiles represent beauty, cost-effectiveness, durability and water resistance. Tiles are a symbol of elegance and give a classy look to your home. Apart from that there are also many fact that people don’t know of. Over the passage of time ceramics have made a use contribution in history of society.

Here is the list of facts about tiles:

  • The iconic Sydney Opera House is in Australia. it is one of the most famous and architectural Masterpiece. It is a performing art centre. It is made up of 1 million ceramic tiles that are also called Sydney tiles. The exterior is beautiful and creative. The Sydney tiles can be easily made in any average tile store in the world.
  • One of the interesting facts is that ceramics are also used in rocket Engineering Technology. Advanced ceramics are designed that can be used in this Ultra-modern technology. The purpose of the tiles is to insulate the space shuttles. When space shuttles re-enter the Earth atmosphere then it need protection from high temperature. So, ceramics are installed that insulate the space shuttles. Advanced engineer ceramics are also used in the cones of rocket for thermal protection.
  • Soldiers and Warriors use armour jackets. These jackets are used by special military teams and bodyguards. The purpose of these jackets is to protect from high calibre Rifles. The material in these armour jackets are ceramics That Give protection against high calibre gun shots.
  •  Most of the modern electronic and equipment use ceramic components in their manufacturing. The computers and other such equipment required ceramic components like insulators and capacitors. Outdoor electrical equipment also has ceramics components.
  • Ceramics are known for their durability and ability to with stand heavy weight and pressure. The compressive pressure as ceramic tile can easily with stand is 500MPa. But to have a better understanding of the weight withstanding is that it can with standard weight of 10 elephants.
  • Ceramic technology is not a modern technology but we can track it back to 25000 BC.
  • A ceramic knife is also available in the market which is much sharper than a stainless-steel knife. The ceramic knife stays sharp for a long time but its drawback is that it can fractures upon impacting on hard surface or floor. Thus, ceramic knives are not used in kitchens.