Mercedes is a dream car. When we were small, we all wanted to a toy car that had Mercedes sign on the front of the car. The love of Mercedes is unlimited and the no matter what the company of cars come, the love of Mercedes car is still there.

If you are about to buy a Mercedes or if there is any sort of work with your Mercedes gear repair and you are looking for some facts to improve your knowledge then you need to read the below post and after reading these facts you will get more in love with this car company;

  1. There is a saying that behind every successful man, there is a woman. And, in the case of Mercedes, this statement sits very well, because the owner of the company is Karl Benz and the investor of the company was Bertha Benz. She had put all the money and the brains was of Karl.
  2. We all are not so much rich that we can afford a Mercedes car but the fact is that there is some good news because Mercedes also manufacture cycles and in 2005 they released three cycles;
  3. Mercedes Benz Carbon Bike
  4. The Fitness Bike
  5. The Trail blazer bike
  6. Mercedes is a royal car as well. You must be thinking why, well, you will be shocked to know that, the pope uses it and that is why it makes it royal. The Mercedes car of the pope is a big SUV, it has its own oxygen system so that the pope does not have to open the window for air and it is bullet proof and even bomb proof.
  7. No matter what car companies come, Mercedes will always have its charm and that is why it was ranked as 30th place in the list of the most fortunate companies to work with in 2013 and that is why they have the happiest employees in the world.
  8. The world’s most famous people used the Mercedes car 600 model, including:

  9. Elvis Presley
  10. John Lennon
  11. Hugh Hefner
  12. Jack Nicholson
  13. Coco Chanel
  14. Aristrolte Onassis
  15. Fidel Castro
  16. Elizabeth Taylor

  17. Have you ever wondered that what does the symbol of Mercedes represent? It represents land, air and sea.

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