Challenges of Using Bank Deposit Lockers

Banks are made for our benefits and there are different services of banks which even make your money twice of what you invested. But there are some banks and people involved in the bank who have done many frauds and that is has discouraged people. And these people and businesses get filing cabinets in Dubai, to keep their assets safe but we all know that they are not very safe.

Many people have things that are almost priceless and that are worth of value that we cannot imagine and keeping them home means that you are openly inviting robbers and looters and that is why there is a facility of safe deposit lockers in Dubai. It is the safest way to hide and keep your things and assets safe from the world and even the bankers themselves are not allowed to open your safe deposit lockers. These safe deposit lockers keep your things and assets safe from natural disasters as well, as these safe deposit lockers are water proof, fire proof and are made up of materials combined that make them almost indestructible. But there are some downsides of owning safe deposit lockers as well.

  1. Size: let us say that you have two bags of cash and one bag full of gemstones and you want them in the safe deposit locker. Of course, these safe deposit lockers are expensive and no matter how rich you are, one always sees his or her pocket and how to spend money. And the downside of these safe deposit lockers are that they are small in size and you might have to opt for more than one safe deposit lockers which can be expensive.
  2. Cost: speaking of expensive, the price of safe deposit lockers change from time to time and the banks can charge whatever they want and even if you wanted to take out all your assets from the safe deposit lockers, you will have to pay up as well.
  3. Charges: first of all, the paper work does not seem to end and if it ends after ages, there are many hidden charges that the bankers take for safe deposit lockers.
  4. Access Denied: if your accounts freeze due to any reason, then you cannot even access your safe deposit lockers which you thought that these can be your last resort if anything happens.