People spend lots of money on stitching tailored-suit; therefore, it is important to add some elements to make it more formal and classic. There are some things and points which can help you add vibrancy in the suit. The top six things you do is:

Matching Trouser:
Instead of getting trouser of any colour, ask your tailor to use the same colour of fabric to stitch the trouser or bottom as he used in the jacket. It gives a formal and decent look to the tailored-suit. 

Do not compromise on a shirt. Your shirt should be finely stitched according to your body size and measurements. Its fabric should be comfortable that would tolerate all harsh environment. The shirt should have corners and cuts to make it appealing. Besides, the colour should contrast with the colour of the jacket and trousers so that it would make you look perfect. As the tailor to sew shirt carefully and give his best in stitching it because the look of your suit depends on the shirt and its stitching. 

V-neck undershirt:
Although it is not a hard and fast rule, it is better to wear V-neck undershirt to add more decency in your tailored-suit. However, it is also okay if you would not wear because of the warm and sunny weather. Yet, it is important to wear if you are wearing a white shirt. It will conceal sweat and perspirations for a long time in public gatherings and help you to remain fresh and comfortable. 

No wrinkles:
Your expensive tailored-suit will turn into a penniless suit if there would wrinkle on the suit. The wrinkles drench away classic look and decency of the suit.  Therefore, it is recommended to iron the suit well before wearing them. You can ask consulted company of tailoring in Dubai to iron it because they have experts who can iron perfectly. 

Thin Belt:
Thin Belt can add vibrancy in the suit. It will highlight your waistline and add some decency in the trousers. Yet the color of belt must contrast with the colour of trouser and shirt. Besides, it should be thin or broad belt would not make rhythm with the suit. 

If you want to look chic and so formal, then wear plain necktie whose colours contrast with the tailored suit and use pocket square because it will make the suit look “WOW”

So that’s what you can do. If you have suit already then ask contact clothes alterations in Dubai at Marina to do some changes to make it ready-to-wear.