Although it is considered taboo to learn dance in many countries, there are many benefits and advantages of learning to groove your body on music. That’s the reason why there are dance classes in Dubai for kids in different schools. Scroll down to know five reasons why you should learn to dance!


Dancing rewires your brain. You have to memorize steps and body movements that need a different kind of mental work. Therefore, it increases alertness, activity and concentration in the brain. That’s why dance and salsa classes can make you smarter. It has a positive effect on intelligence quotient, emotional intelligence and social intelligence that can help you to live happily and peacefully. 

Weight loss: 

According to science and researches, you can burn 5 to 10 calories in Latin American dance session. The sessions and body movements increase blood circulation that that increase metabolism and that’s how you lose weight. Dance makes your sweaty which means that you lose calories. The more calories you lose, the more you lose weight. So, if somebody is thick in your family then ask him or her to join salsa dance classes in Dubai for kids or residing place to lose weight fast with fun.

Muscular hands and legs: 

Having muscular hands and legs is the sign of a healthy and fit body. Dance can make you as fit as fiddle. It needs a lot of hand and leg movements that can improve muscles groups like hamstrings, calves, core and quadriceps. Salsa and Cuban dance styles tone body and muscles. They maintain and help your posture to remain fit and in shape. 

Strengthen bones: 

As you age, your bones get weak. The lubrication or liquid that reduces the friction between knees and long bones shrinks. Dance lubricates the bones and keeps them functional. It keeps you away from arthritis and diseases that result in due to weak bones and legs. Your body has to remain in functional to remain healthy and dance moves keep them in movement too much that health is guaranteed. 

Make friends:

There are many other kids and adults in dance classes. You all dance together as the teacher said says. At many times, you dance in groups or couples. This helps you to make more friends. Therefore, dance is considered as the best way to use to improve socialization and build a social circle. It teaches you empathy and boosts confidence.