People who live in the UAE for a long-term basis due to jobs or businesses are allowed to get a UAE residence Visa. Residence Visa offers multiple benefits to the resident, such as:

  • They are allowed to open a bank account
  • They can apply for a bank loan, including personal or car.
  • They get access to visit many countries.
  • Their kids can get an education from private and government schools.
  • They can apply for a driving license.
  • They can get health insurance and government health services.

However, to enjoy all these, benefits you have to fulfill their eligible criteria like finding a high-paid salary job and running a business in the UAE.

Eligibility criteria for UAE residence Visa:

For UAE residence Visa, you have to fulfill certain conditions:

  • You are doing a job in a government or private company.
  • You are studying in UAE educational institutes.
  • You have started a business in the UAE.
  • You bought a property in the UAE.
  • You are a close relative or dependent on a UAE national.

Types of UAE residence Visas:

There are many types of UAE residence Visas, such as:

Work Visa: Work Visa is issued to a person who gets a job in UAE companies and gets a work permit from a particular company. Most people who work in the UAE apply for residence Visa.

Student Visa: This Visa is issued to foreigners, who get admission to UAE educational institutes. Millions of students are getting an education from the best UAE universities and schools.

Family Visa: those people who have the intention to live in UAE for a long time, they apply for a family visa in Dubai or other UAE states.

Investment Visa: This Visa is issued to foreign investors who invested in the UAE. This Visa has a longer duration than other types of Visas approximately for ten years.

The requirement for residence Visa:

When applying for a UAE residence visa, you need to submit the following documents to the UAE embassy:

  • Visa application form, you can get from the official website or relevant center.
  • Original passport and copies
  • Two passport size pictures
  • Entry Visa
  • Proof of the sponsor’s residency or citizenship.
  • Proof of medical fitness test that you have passed.
  • Proof & copy of UAE health insurance.

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