RAK is one of the Federation of UAE. UAE is a place which is a hub to many kinds of businesses of offshore company in RAK. UAE is a Home to millions of expats that have job and businesses there in RAK free zone business setup. As each year the number of registrations of license for new business increases, it is very crucial to take the right business advice. There are many firms that provide services for helping you in starting up your business and also giving you advice and ideas to boost up your business.

For that purpose, here is a list of do’s and don’ts if you are doing business in UAE.


  • If you are doing business in UAE and you attend many events and conferences related to businesses then it is very crucial that you dress rightly. One should be in formal clothing and should look perfectly decent in order to make an impression. This will help you in getting more clients and collaborations. Also, at such events one should meet other entrepreneurs with great positive energy. So, wear the right outfit and meet other people with the smile. Also, you should be aware of etiquette of addressing others and social interaction.
  • UAE is a kind of country where entrepreneurs like to attend networking events and they like to meet people in person. So, email introductions and online transactions are not enough for you to network with others. So, go out there and meet people over lunch or drinks and later stay in touch with them.
  • If you own a business in UAE then it is very important for you to get accustomed with their culture and traditions. Learn a few words in Arabic and show interest in the wellbeing of local population.


  • in UAE there are many entrepreneurs that give an introduction about their business by boasting their achievements. So, if you are networking with people then never show off or use this cliché technique.
  • If you have a meeting or a conference with the number of people, they don’t expect your meeting to go as planned. Entrepreneurs of different nationalities have different ideas and way of responding to such kind of meetings. So, it is very important that you have patience.
  • You will be dealing with the number of entrepreneurs and competitors so you should be polite and nice with others. You should not forget to take it easy and also don’t forget manners.