Interior design and interior decoration are two different occupations and professionals but please mix hem and consider both of them synonym of each other. However, there are a few differences. Some of the main differences between them, as stated by the best fit out companies in Dubai, are:

Schooling: Interior design is a profession; therefore, some schools are training centers where aspiring interior designers are taught about computer-aided designs, space planning, architecture, fabric, drawing, furniture, and many other skills while the interior decoration is related to making things aesthetic. That’s why it requires good taste and experience. A person would not require to take admission in any school to become an interior decorator. Interior design is related to making spaces and renovating a place but interior decoration is all about choosing the best colors that contras with each other and symmetry to make the room bewitching. 

Credentials: Interior designers and an interior fit out company in Dubai need license or certification in some states and countries to get permission to work. They are required to work with different companies to be able to start their own company whereas interior decorators do not need to work with other companies to start their own business. However, there some certifications and training programs on color selection and symmetry to add weightage to their resume and make them credible to get hired by any architectural company easily. 

Work of interior designers and decorators: Interior designers make the room functional and useful by planning floors and utilizing spaces to build spaces in the center. They renovate the places via spatial planning to plan the floors and decorate the place. While interior decorators change the place visually by changing the arrangement of the furniture and wallpaper to give a new style. They use a new color scheme or buy another suite of furniture to update it. 

Coordination: Interior designers work with architects and contractors to do space planning and floor planning while decorators work directly with the residents and clients to decorate the place. Interior designers plan floors and focal points with the consultation of architects, planners, and contractors to come up with applicable plan and design while decorators guide clients and businessmen to decorate the place. You will find decorators at furniture shops and the markets of upholsterers.

So, these are a few main differences between interior design and interior decoration. Interior design is a profession that is related to designing the place by coordinating with architects to utilize spaces and make floors while the interior decoration is all about decorating a place by painting it and arranging furniture and decoration pieces.